Picking nature's fascinating but untamed water buffalo horn and top grade beta titanium, 

handcrafting iconic frames with uncompromising quality, Rounder Rounder takes on

the mission to bring fashion out of the luxury classic material, and presents a perfect 

blend of unique natural colourations, exceptional craftsmanship and extreme lightness.






Buffalo horn is one of the finest and oldest materials to make eyewear and requires impeccable

workmanship. The inimitable natural colourations and striations of the buffalo horn make

each frame one of a kind. Over time, horn eyewear will develop a unique patina. 

As it ages, the character of the horn will begin to show. Very subtle patterns and textures 

will appear, resulting in unparalleled grain and hues, thus making the frame 

more enchanting. Moreover, the material's hypoallergenic and lightweight qualities 

provide you extremely comfortable wearing experience.


In the untiring pursuit of highest quality, 

our sunglasses are handmade of the finest beta titanium 

paired with lenses from premium optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss Vision.