Rounder Rounder frames are handmade by

skilled craftsmen using finest Asian water 

buffalo horn and beta titanium. 

With a passion for perfection, rigorous 

routines are followed from the selection of 

raw material to the final polishing and

inspection of the products. 


To achieve superlative quality, it can take

up to 80 precise stages and 16 weeks 

from the beginning to ending of the 

production process, which also endorsed

the making of buffalo horn frames

one of the hardest segment in optical industry.



In each every small step of the entire

production process, experienced craftsmen

complete each step with tremendous 

concentration and great effort.  It also

demands extra caution and much patience

to achieve the first-rate quality.



The final polishing process is also done 

by hand, it will eventually bring out

the unique patterns and fascinating

colours which are widely considered

the trademark of buffalo horn and cannot

be imitated by a machine-made process.



After all the steps including accurate 

cutting, rounds of polishing, parts

attachment and engraving, the final and

equally important frame adjustment 

will be made to make sure each frame is

fit and well balanced.

Each Rounder Rounder frame is a piece of art

devoted painstaking efforts to showcase the spirit of artisans.